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rbgs on saturday

rbgs on saturday
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Id like the following to try to be on saturday afternoon between 2-6EST

Stripes, Jubellahz, Darkgenaral, Ozekiel, Trythiss, Aurogauth, Polkadotz, Bearel, Gravollet (and myself of course).

If any of you guys cant make it let me know asap so i can try to find a replacement. We'd really liek to get the group started and this is the comp id like to follow. I will also be looking quite extensively for a decent boomkin to shift in and out. I apologize to melee, but I want a relatively heavy caster comp with a rogue and warrior or dk. If you've pvp'd youd understand that certain classes are vital to winning rbgs .

uncle is getting married this weekend so i will not be around, but everyother weekend im free to be here
I will definitely not be able to go this Saturday because I'm out of town (St. Louis), and then I probably also won't be able to go because Saturdays during the day aren't good for me anymore If I didn't have a GF I'd totally be in for rated BGs as I have in the past, but I generally sacrifice my time for that nowadays.

There's another good rogue on the server out of guild named Tristonus, but I don't know if he still plays (I see him every now and again). Just a thought since I know Rogues are very important to a good RBG team, due to Smoke Bomb.

One Sanity.
1)Every caster needs the shadowbolt proc trinket. Stacking those is op (and pretty much expected) once you get to higher rated rbgs.

2)After the vengeance nerf, prot warriors are the best flag carriers due to mobility.

3)Fire mages>All.
I may be able to come on my rogue on Saturday afternoons if you ever have openings. I'm at around 4300 resil with a full-on RBG spec.
Wait my name is on that list?, must be a typo. As always Im down for whatever whenever. As long as you give me a date/time I will be there.

Yo Darkeye, I want you there to take Bearel's spot since he wont be coming anymore. We're gonna need those smokebombs! And I want you flag carrying Andris!
Also, since Dotz wont be available for this one, I'm gonna be going through the guild looking for a replacement. If any of you think you should be a part of it message me and I'll take a look at your gear and see where you fit. Also, I would like to include Taylorn on that list.. Healers will now be myself, aurogauth, taylorn and oze. Trythiss I want you ele!
Im interested and actively working on the gear maxing out every week etc.
I would be interested, but I can't make it this sat. I will be at work.

Sitting around 4661 Resilience.


I'm available on those times this sat, let me know if I could get a spot or at least back-up. geared & experienced
I can mek saturday if you need a retadin. Just got my 4 piece cata this week.

Tanking the world.
I have 12 resilience. Put me in coach!
Quote by Ackis
I have 12 resilience. Put me in coach!

king mouth breather

I also wanted to point out that everyone who has posted in here will get a chance to rbg. That includes Astheria, Ironbroly and Zaffa. As with any pvp and pve, there is an observational period whereby the leader will be watching to see how the group meshes. It isn't always a skill thing, sometimes it is. However, PVP is a much different game from pve and I hope that everyone can take being chosen as a secondary priority behind the players who are more experienced with a grain of salt. I know all of you are good players, some are just more attuned to the PVP aspect of the game. As of right now, there are 0 people on top priority. Once we've done some games, I'll start putting lists together. When starters cant make games, I'll have the reserves take their spots and just like in our raids, if you have a slow start and dont earn a starting position, you'll have another oppotunity to impress the group come th next game.

If you're one of those people who are concerned about your pvp game, I would suggest that you work on your timing and positional awareness in PVP settings. Namely, immediately switching targets when calls are made, having focus macro's for interrupts, using ALL methods of CC in order to lock out another team. PVP is not all about how much damage you're putting out, but rather how you utilize your spells. I've done games where I've put out 10 million damage in a single bg and still lost.

Finally, as unfortunate as it may be, I like to win. We have the people in this guild to be a 2400 rbg team, lets see what we can do.
Thanks for the clarification dbag.
Main swapping to Piggy, 410 resil, 129k hp. I'm apart of this guild just like anyone else, don't think for a sec you can exclude me.

Patiently awaiting my challenger title,
Quote by dbk
Quote by Ackis
I have 12 resilience. Put me in coach!

king mouth breather

I learnt from you buddy!
This is today, be there!

So, things learned today = randomly queuing with a bunch of people who are on will not work in a rated battleground, and we won't be doing it again, no point of beating our heads against the wall.

Our ideal comp from now will be 4 healers, 6 DPS.

Healers: Ozekiel, Tokee, Dbk & Trythiss (The best combo would be to have 2 shaman, one paladin, one disc priest)
DPS: Polkadots, Jubellah, Darkgeneral, Pollz, ?
Flag carrier: Stripes

3 DPS casters, rogue to keep people in place + whoever else is on that is a good ranged/melee DPS.

Communication is a big aspect of this, help your teammates, group up together, call your interrupts, CC, bops, freedoms, don't just run around randomly doing shit. Pollz was calling his targets out really well, we have to assist him and make sure we're hitting the same target. Looking forward to playing against next week.

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