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Prospective and New Members

Prospective and New Members
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Raid Schedule:
Our raids begin promptly at 6pm server (Pacific) time and will end by 9pm. Invites for the raid are 10 minutes prior to raid start.

Raid Days - Tuesday, Thursday

Alt - Alternate Characters
Emeritus - Non Raiding Member
Initiate - New Members
Raider - Raiding Member
Guild Master

Loot: All scheduled raids are done with the personal loot system.

Raid Slots: Raid composition is determined by what the current fight requires to win the encounter. This includes reliability, preparedness, spec, and ability. A raid slot is earned.

Alternate characters will only be considered for raid slots if there is not a main character available for a desired raid role.

Behavior: Mischief is a guild filled with adults. We ask that you be courteous, and we will not tolerate derogatory or inflammatory comments. This is your only warning. Be respectful to others.

Required Raiding Mods: None

Guild Master: Bossakula
Officers: Garunt, Pezzi, Gorgox, Janthu

If you are interested in applying to Mischief please use the Online Application in the main menu options.

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